Free Strategy Session

Schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery session

(No risk, no obligation offer)

In this discovery session, we’ll find out if I can help you in the area you need support, whether it be for your

  • Social media business requirements

  • Writing requirements

  • Administration training and advice

  • Music lessons


We can also move on to a more in-depth discussion if we are a good fit!

Process Of Working With Me

1.      We will schedule a Skype, Facetime or Facebook meeting.

2.     I will send you a list of questions in advance to help you prepare for the meeting.

3.    After the Skype, I will send you more information and schedule a more in-depth           discussion, if required.

3.     If you wish to proceed to work with me, I will then be preparing a bespoke,                      personal proposal specifying exactly what are included in the work to be done,             and tweak the requirements to ensure it meets your expectations and


4.    I will then schedule another meeting to confirm the details.

What Can You Expect From Me?

What is expected from you?

  • Professional work, timely-delivered, quality product/output

  • Attention to your needs, ideas and wishes

  • Friendly and good nature

  • Flexibility as required

  • One on one, personalised instruction (for piano/voice students)

  • Communication and dedication

  • Preparation and timely provision of the necessary content/information according to agreed timelines

  • Communication/timely response to queries

  • Music students: attendance on agreed dates/times

  • Communication for any changes/cancellations to the schedule

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