I am not so interested in Snapchat compared to my teenage children. In fact my middle child, a boy, just joined in, where this is in stark contrast to the two sibling sisters who have been snapchatting away for some time now. I guess there is that peer pressure to join that bandwagon to kick in. But I am intrigued about Snapchat because my girls always show me the latest filters available and even get me to try them to see what it looks like. What I like are filters that allow multiple people at a given time.

As I understood it, filters add more interest to your face and it helps the receiver of the photo smile or become amused by the photo. They are graphic overlays onto a photo that a user takes. They mostly are funny, or make you look funny, and even give the receivers a sense of the sender’s mood. I think it helps to create more fun into your stories.

Because the audience of Snapchat are mostly teens and millennials, I think that it helps the target market become really creative, as we all know that millennials get bored easily and always want to have fun.

Also, this creativity also influences self-expression. Every new filter that comes on board, needs to be “tried and tested” to find out if it will suit one’s visibility online.

Then there is another thing called a Geofilter, which is only made available in certain locations.

The challenge I see for Snapchat filters is how to create more to have variety, and to create filters that are fit-for-purpose, meaning, while the current ones available are funny or entertaining, filters can also be created to specific purposes, like birthday /anniversary or special occasion filters, or filters that the users can create themselves, something customizable to reflect their personalities, something like how an avatar is created, but then I hear about branded filters specifically designed for certain businesses or well-known brands to publicise themselves and create more affinity with the app users. And how long is a piece of string? How long can filters be current before people get tired of it?

Geofilters on the other hand appear to help get the attention of businesses in certain locations provided there are available to grab in that area. This is good to drive potential sales or traffic.

There’s still a lot about Snapchat that I do not know or understand. Perhaps I would not want to, even though I need to know a little bit to stay afloat with my interactions with the kids, however, I do not see a successor to Snapchat at the moment, so I reckon this will be staying on for a little while.