When stress levels are up and you feel stuck at work or just not in the mood, it could be a potential problem as it may affect your productivity. Taking a break is a common technique to cut the monotony of what you are doing or if you are in a task for a prolonged period of time.

However, when something seems to be bugging you for a longer period of time and it takes focus off your work, you probably need a little bit more boost than just taking a break. You need a bit of inspiration!

This article will offer some ways to get you back on your feet and to re-energize your mind and will to get back on track. So where do we draw inspiration from?

  • The outdoors – sometimes you need to physically get out of our office or your building and take a walk outside to have a little wander, and enjoy the sights and the smell of the outdoors. This may not necessarily be something like going on a trip to the woodlands, forest or go bush hiking (although by all means if you have the time, then go!) but just to go somewhere different may help. If your office building is near a park, close to a public garden,or have an open urban space where you can retreat to for the time being, whether to have acup of coffee, read a book or just revel in your temporary solitude and quietness, it may be away to reinvigorate yourself.

  • Music – music is an effective way of getting you to connect with your inner self. Choose your kind of music that lets you relax and take the opportunity to listen to it as often as possible.

  • Quotes – there are a number of people at work that display famous quotes, biblical quotes,inspirational quotes or other words that help them feel motivated. You can also do the same thing in your work station. You may want to allocate a space where you can display your posters, cue cards or print outs of the quotes you love.

  • Other people – family photos, places you have visited, any photo or picture of places, or people who you love or admire also helps uplift you at work. These serve as a constant reminder of who are important in your life.

  • Organising your work space – if you like a certain look or theme for your work space, this will also help you to keep feeling refreshed at work. It also helps if there is a system of organising your books/documentation, paperwork, writing space, etc.

There’s a lot of other ways by which you can help yourself but I bet you this list is a good place to start. So don’t let the office blues get you, fight back with inspiration today!