One time when I shared my social media management business website with a relative, he remarked “Wow! I didn’t know that there was a profession offering that kind of service!” I didn’t know whether he felt genuinely impressed or whether he thought my title social media manager was just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

And why not? What is not legit about being a social media manager? To me it becomes relevant that there are people like me who care enough about social media and how we

can help businesses with their social media activities.

In this blog I explore why we should consider engaging in the services of the social media manager and what are some of the typical things social media managers do:

First, the “why”.


How and why would businesses hire a social media manager?

1. Social is here to stay. The number of people worldwide who are active in social media continue to grow bigger and bigger. And I have no plans to put some stats here as I am pretty sure it will grow outdated really soon. And this is a place where you can find customers. Consider your social media manager as a partner in helping you connect with your potential customers.

2. New social media platforms continue to pop up. We need to have a way of understanding what each media does and how it can benefit our businesses. Being a busy business owner, you would like to focus on what you do best in your business and leave the studying/understanding of the different social media platforms to somebody else.

3. Time. While some business owners know and understand social media, they are also busy running the business and may not have enough time to focus on social media activities. Business owners who do not understand a lot about social media will have very little time to set aside learning how it works. Time is a precious commodity, and by delegating that time to a social media manager to look after your social stuff, releases the pressure and giving you more time to focus on other aspects of running your business.

4. Think of the costs. Think of the costs you might incur if you do everything yourself, it may “cost” you time and resources if you decide to do your social media activities on your own. You might think it is costly to hire the services of the social media manager, but it could also cost you more if you are doing it in a way that does not give you the results you want. Think about the strengths that the social media manager can bring to your business, and whether you also have the skills.

Second, that what. And stay tuned to the next blog as I will elaborate on that there….