I love writing! In fact I have attempted to write at a young age of 7, creating short stories and dialogues that an adult may consider as very raw, but I realised it was the start of my passion for self-expression. Exactly why writing for one's self is somewhat different from writing for others. Writing for one's self can take the form of a diary to document or record one's feelings, reactions or thoughts about what is happening around that person's life. Writing for one's self can also take the form of the more creative or literary type of writing, i.e. poetry, song, fiction or non-fiction type stories or even simple essays. While writing for others is to keep one's opinion neutral or absent from the writing, for example a news reporter would write an article for the paper in a very factual and objective tone. An academic paper follows a prescribed format and writing style. A report also follows a certain order of presenting information. While in both types of writing an "audience" needs to be in mind, writing for others can be more complicated in the sense that the writer both looks at what the audience will get out of the text or written document, and at the same time the writer needs to project integrity both for him/herself and who he/she is writing for. At least if one writes for one's self, that person will only be accountable to his/her own personhood. Whether one writers for the self or for the audience is only half the question though. The other half revolves around the topic per se and how it is expressed on paper. Now that's another discussion altogether!