There is a popular saying --“Flowers are like your friends; they bring colour to your world”. I now understand why orchid lovers and other flower aficionados braved the very cold and wet winter weather last Saturday 11th of July to see the Maribyrnong Orchid Show held at the Maribyrnong Community Centre. This is a yearly event hosted and organised by the Maribyrnong Orchid Society and I checked it out with my mum and hubby.

The orchid displays are so alluring that it makes you feel you are indeed looking at a thing of beauty that lasts forever. This coincidentally reminds me of John Keats’ “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.” The orchid competition is not only about growing the best, healthiest and most beautiful plant or species; it is also about bringing them to life through flower arrangements. The competition enables both the novice and seasoned growers to showcase their horticultural skills. To see

that coveted ribbon pinned next to the contestants’ respective displays is an affirmation that they have what it takes to succeed in their field.

There was also a bonsai exhibit, and a “for sale” area where people can buy the orchids and other planting materials at a reasonable cost to get them started straight away. We also got to learn more about succulents from one of the vendors at the exhibit with his mini-lesson on the different types available to collect.

Of course attending the orchid show is not just about enjoying the flowers and taking their photos as a memento of the event. For my mum who is the green thumb of the family, she considers this as an opportunity to appreciate the orchids up close, and moreover to derive pleasure and inspiration seeing that she too can grow them like the experts do. And this is a fantastic way to shop for the flowers of your choice! Curious? If you want to attend the next Orchid Show, the Spring Event will be held on the 12th and 13th of September. Hope to see you there!

[Note: This article was published in the "Around Point Cook" Community paper, July 2015 Edition]