Working in an office often means you are working a classic 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday schedule, which means you have to get up early every day of the weekday. Some days you can find yourself much more tiresome than other and pressing the snooze button a lot more, which is why I’ve found some of the best ways to get yourself up in the morning. Sleep cycle alarm clocks will record your movements when you are sleeping and will be able to wake you during the time period you wish to be at the optimum time according to what part of your sleep cycle you are in; they can be downloaded from the app store. If you are able to have a clear and motivating reason to get up in the morning, it will be easier to get up, so maybe try and get in some morning exercise, like going for a walk, and plan a nice breakfast. Try and trim down your morning activities but still get up at the same time as this will allow you to feel freer and helps eliminate stress. Getting to know your body clock can also help, try sticking to a sleep schedule of going to bed 8 hours before you have to get up, if you are consistent with this your body should get used to it. Getting up in the morning is hard but hopefully these tips will help make it a little bit easier for you!

Author - Dayle Dunshea is on her final year of Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) at Swinburne University of Technology. Dayle is also a volunteer sports writer for a local sports club at Wyndham.