Have you thought about “paying it forward” recently? Have you ever heard of the phrase ”pay it forward”? This according to Wikipedia, could have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight. It means that when someone does a good deed to you, rather than returning the good deed back to that particular person, you do a good deed or an act of kindness to someone else who may be in need as well. The concept is really not new, as this simply means continuing on the cycle of goodness and giving. The act itself may not be exactly the same though, it probably depends on the circumstances around such deeds. “Giving Back” is somewhat similar in this sense that you also perform a good deed, but this involves some form of exchange or payment for something, and it may be worthwhile to discuss this in another blog.


For me this “pay it forward” concept means that having constantly acknowledged the blessings that I have received, no matter how big or small, I would look for opportunities to “give thanks” by helping out others whenever I can and in ways that will create a huge impact on their lives. Going out of my way for example, when the situation calls for it, and when I can, may tremendously help a friend in need. Donating to charitable and church causes is another way of paying it forward.

One particular area of interest to me and my husband is education. As such we have committed ourselves to sponsor a child in East Timor more than 2 years ago and when this finished, most recently we then took on sponsorship of a child who lives in a rural town in the Philippines for her primary schooling.

We also provide a yearly prize for my high school’s Special Award for Agriculture given to a deserving graduating student who had excelled in this area of study. We also assist in fund raising activities for the charitable foundation we helped set up and run during its early years of operation in Wellington, New Zealand. Paying it forward also means being actively involved in the community, and offering our time and talents when required.

It is a fulfilling thing to do, and the time and energy spent is well worth it. My family is aware that this is something not of a one-off gesture, but a family value that each member understands as part of the fabric of their lives.