Things Beginners Should Know About Social Media Marketing

When beginning your businesses journey into Social Media Marketing it can seem like a long

road to where you want to go.

Many businesses delve unsuccessfully into social media marketing with having a proper plan

and strategy which outlines exactly what they want to achieve and how they want to

achieve it.

Dyno Social has provided 3 key elements beginners should know when choosing to begin

their journey into the world of Social Media Marketing

1. Know What Social Media Platforms You Will Use

With the endless number of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook,

Instagram, Google Plus and Twitter it can seem daunting not knowing where to start.

The mistake many businesses make is choosing to use all platforms at once, which

will only lead to disaster.

For a business beginning its journey, the ideal thing to do would be to pick 1 or 2

social media platforms, preferably the more common ones such as Facebook and

Instagram, and experiment with them before choosing to delve into the other


It is better to have fewer forms of social media platforms for marketing because in

the end it is about the quality of the work and content not the quantity

2. Link Your Website To Your Social Media

Many businesses tend to have websites before they choose to begin using social

media. One way of ensuring your customers are aware that your business is on social

media is to link your website to any forms of social media you use. This can simply be

done by placing the social media icons on your site.

What this does is allow those viewing your website to also view your social media

platforms and gain a clearer picture of the true culture and nature of your business.

3. Share Content

Simply having a social media platform such as Facebook will not ensure any success

to your business, being active on a regular basis will ensure the success of your social

media marketing.

Your businesses social media platforms should be active and this can be achieved

through blog posts, posting pictures and videos and by simply answering customer’s


However the mistake many businesses make is they overdo it and post too much

content which often leads to the annoyance of customers and a decline of followers.

Therefore the key is to be active and post on a regular basis but do not overdo it to

the extent it annoys followers and customers.