Tips For Using Instagram

Instagram is a very useful and highly popular photo sharing application in today’s world.

With an estimated 300 million users at the end of 2014, the ever growing application can

work wonders for marketing businesses, especially those in the creative fields such as

fashion, photography and cafes.

However to ensure Instagram is used in the most efficient way for your business, Dyno

Social has chosen to provide 4 key tips on how to use Instagram as a Marketing Tool.

1. Share photos of employees and your customers

By sharing photos of employees and customers your followers gain a behind the

scenes view of your business as well as knowing that customers truly are valued. This

not only improves brand loyalty but also improves the likelihood of your followers

becoming future customers.

2. Hold contests and photo sharing prizes

By regularly holding contests in which customers have a chance to win something

related to your business is very useful in attracting new customers as well as

attracting a higher number of followers, because the more followers your businesses

Instagram account has the more potential customers you have. This is also the aim

of having photo sharing prizes in which your business is exposed to greater

quantities of people.

3. Feature your current and up and coming products

The effectiveness behind sharing your products is that customers gain an

understanding of what they can find at your businesses without actually visiting, and

if your followers are exposed to what your business sells and something catches

their eye the chance of them becoming your customer is very high.

4. Harness the power of hashtags

Through the use of relevant and industry specific hashtags, your business is more

likely to be viewed by a wider array of people on Instagram which not only leads to

new followers and new customers but also allows people to identify certain hashtags

with your business which in turn leads to better brand recognition. An example is a

boutique café using the hashtag #coffelovers each time it posts a picture of a coffee

variety customer can find in their café.