Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a wonderful tool for any business to utilise. Whether your goals

are to increase sales, have more traffic or improve your brand awareness, social media

marketing can assist you.

Dyno Social explains 5 benefits it sees in social media marketing.

1. Improved Customer Service

Customers are the one of the most important aspects to a business, and it is vital

that customer service be a top priority for any business. With advances in technology

and changes in society many customers have their own preferred method of contact

and one is contacting businesses through social media such as Facebook.

Many customers tend to leave questions and comments for businesses on their

social media profiles and it is therefore vital that a business is able to respond to

customer in any preferred method of contact. Customers want to be confident that a

business will be responsive towards them.

2. Increased Traffic

Without leveraging the art of social media marketing your business or website traffic

is only limited to those who are familiar with you. However by using social media as

a way of marketing your business, there is a greater arena of people who can

become aware of your business. Tools such as Facebook and Instagram provide great

opportunities for more and more people to know of your business or website which

in turn increases your traffic.

3. Cost Effective

Using social media is a very cost effective way of marketing your business. Many of

the top social media sites such a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram require no sign up

fees and given their ability to market a business they allow for a simple, low cost and

highly effective ways of promoting your business and marketing it to wider


4. Regular Updates

Customers should be aware of your business and be updated with what is going,

however this proves difficult unless the customer actually visits your business.

But through the use of social media campaigns, frequent posts, updates through images

and email marketing customers can be aware of what is occurring with your

business. This is beneficial as the more customers are exposed and up to date with

your business, the more enticed they are to be in contact and use your business.

5. Increased Brand Recognition.

Through social media there are more and more opportunities for businesses to

promote their work with customers. The more customers are exposed to your

business, the more recognised your business becomes and the higher the chance of

others finding out. Social media allows for more avenues for your business to share

information, posts and vital information which makes your business accustomed

with regular customers.