Tips and Tricks 'Professionals' Don't Want You Finding Out


It’s quite clear the Social Media Marketing works and is very beneficial for businesses. However in order to leverage its benefits one must know how to properly use social media for marketing purposes.

There are many ways to use social media for marketing; however there are some tips and tricks the professionals of the industry don’t want you finding out, simply because they are so effectivel.


Dyno Social provides you with 4 tips and tricks the professionals definitely do not want you finding out (Warning they are highly effective).

1. Ensure you have a well-developed Social Media Marketing Plan

“Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail”. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful social media marketing campaign is the work that went in beforehand. By creating a proper plan the risk of an unsuccessful campaign is lowered, and it provides a guide on how to structure your social media platforms. Sign up to our free newsletter and you will receive our eBook on how to create your very own social media marketing plan, along with a bonus template.

2. Have social media goals and ways of measuring these goals

By having goals you allow yourself to have an end point in which you strive for, and by having a form of measuring these goals you can see whether or not your business is improving through your social media marketing campaign, and if not it allows for you to devise corrective actions which may need to be taken.

A good start point is to address the following questions:

Who is my businesses/marketing campaigns audience?

What is my aim or message for my marketing?

What platforms will I use to convey my aim or message?

What am I trying to achieve with my aim or message?

How will I measure my marketing campaign?- New customers- Customer satisfaction surveys- Number of views/likes/subscriptions- Sales/revenue- Feedback

3. Use templates to assist in organising content for your Social Media

It can be difficult and time consuming to juggle between different social media platforms and have different objectives with each. It is for that reason templates are very beneficial in providing guidance for your social media marketing, allowing you to organise your time and work and being able to keep on top of your various platforms. Hootsuite provides 6 very effective, sought after and easy to templates which if used properly will save you hours of work and provides many benefits.

The templates can be found here: specific content in your blog.