a person who has written something or who writes in a particular way

I love to write! I have always expressed my ideas on paper. Although English is my second language, I have excelled here far better than my native tongue.


My love of writing led me to take a Bachelor’s degree in Development Communication major in broadcasting, minor in journalism. I went further and did a Master’s degree in Communication Studies. But I was hungry for more. Being a university professor, I took it further to ensure that I have the skills to teach reading, writing and even speaking to speakers of other languages.


I took a Diploma in TESOL and completed my PhD in Applied Linguistics! Woohoo! All for the love of legitimising that this is my niche and my passion to teach and help others.

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A new baby is born!


This is my children’s book series project and I am proud to introduce to you the lead characters of my three books – twins Ella and Bella, Little Tim and Georgie.

I got inspired to write these children’s books to bring back values into reading, hoping that those values will translate into practical, and actionable habits for the young readers. I would like my books to bring both parents, carers and the children together as they read through the stories of my little heroes.

It is my hope that the books will be a source of practical learning and will bring back positive values to kids around the world.

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