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/ˈædmɪn koʊʧ/


the process or activity of running a business, organization, etc.

I have held numerous administration-related positions in more than 20 years of my working life. These roles have a variety of titles such as committee chair, liaison officer, department chair, vice-chair, vice dean, assistant station manager, communications manager, personal assistant, executive assistant, program or project officer. It takes a person with the right leadership and organisational skills to be able to deliver the expected tasks and outcomes. It is because of this that I have decided to set up Scribe Notes Business Support Services as a means of sharing my knowledge and expertise.

I can now say that with the experience, I am capable of supporting others who want to be in administration as their coach and mentor. I have also developed 2 E-Course programs to assist people who want a career in administration to level-up and succeed.



a person who plays a musical instrument, especially as a profession, ori s musically talented

I love singing and playing the piano – it is a personal passion. I have been singing and learned to play the piano at age 3. I learned to sing solo and in a choir through formal and informal classes throughout my life, and as with piano playing. I helped set up two singing organisations both as its founding and charter member while I was at university. To this day, one of these two organisations is still doing great, and has consistently gained local and international recognition. I am proud to introduce them, the UPLB Choral Ensemble. To get to know them please go to https://www.facebook.com/uplbchoralensemble/


I currently teach beginner’s piano to several school age children in my local community, some as young as 4 years old.  Contact me to inquire about lessons and fees.




a person who speaks.

I am a talkative person. I remember my teachers often get me to sit beside a shy classmate so that I can get them to open up and start talking.  Or to keep me from talking too much, I am tasked as the "talking police", monitoring who else in class are talking too much they needed to pay the fine. 

This talking also led to my career in broadcasting – I handled a radio variety show, a local news and current affairs show and an environmental awareness show.I guess one of the reasons why I ventured into a teaching career was exactly because of this penchant for talking.  Ten years is not a joke as it meant thousands of hours in front of a live audience – the students!

I’ve also spoken in front of academicians delivering talks and presentations for my research.I have coached high school students in debating, elocution and speech. I have also shared my experiences as an executive assistant in administration conferences.In my day job, I am currently Project Officer of Speakers Bank, where I actively speak and campaign for people with disabilities.

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Mimi Laurilla





a person who has written something or who writes in a particular way

I love to write! I have always expressed my ideas on paper. Although English is my second language, I have excelled here far better than my native tongue.


My love of writing led me to take a Bachelor’s degree in Development Communication major in broadcasting, minor in journalism. I went further and did a Master’s degree in Communication Studies. But I was hungry for more. Being a university professor, I took it further to ensure that I have the skills to teach reading, writing and even speaking to speakers of other languages.


I took a Diploma in TESOL and completed my PhD in Applied Linguistics! Woohoo! All for the love of legitimising that this is my niche and my passion to teach and help others.