Business Support Services

Business Support Services

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Here are some of what I can offer to YOU... because you need to look after yourself and invest in your career.

Rockin' as an admin

free course

Designed for new starters, people who are considering employment as an admin assistant, an EA or PA, an office secretary, receptionist and the like.

Star admin academy

Designed for people who are ready to dive deeper into understanding their  admin role. Perfect for those graduates of Rockin' As Admin, or for those who need more support in their career.

nz dream academy

Designed for Filipinos and people who are considering working and living in New Zealand permanently.  Topics assist in the application process.

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Cover letter makeover

A Short Course on Cover Letter Make-Over, is a seven-lesson e-course that helps you improve your cover letter, increasing your chances of success. As most of the job applications are now done online, it is important that your cover letter immediately stands out from the rest.

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