who is it for?

There are some people who want to have a job in the admin sector but do not know where to start.
There are women in particular who would like to be their own boss, create their own business, or
venture into another side hustle to supplement their current jobs.

If you think you can put the extra time and energy to learn something fun and different, then you
might want to be an admin superstar. Maybe you have the skills but do not know you can tap into it
further for extra income.

There are a lot of businesses and individuals who may need support and you might just be the
perfect person to help them out.

Ideal for women who are starting out in their careers, or looking for other work opportunities, or
those who have been off-work for a long time and are re-entering the workforce. The course is also
suitable for those who want to “work from home” offering their services offsite.


what is admin coaching?

what do i teach?


an introduction course

I developed “Rockin’ It as An Admin”: An Introductory Course on how you can earn money as an
administration personnel. In this video- based course, I will show you some of the essential skills you
need to have to excel in this field and make a difference through support services.


an ADVANCED course

The second course, “Admin Star Academy”: Advanced Course, aims to push you up further after the
Rockin’ It as An Admin” course. It will get you more ready with additional strategies and skills for
success in the admin role.

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Mimi Laurilla