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Who is Mimi?

My email signature has not changed over the years. At the time I thought of it, it was what defined me.  Fast forward to present, my email signature still contain those roles that matter to me. And I share that here of what is really personal:


"The RED Laurilla"

- mother of 3;

- wife of 1;

- only daughter;

- only sister...

now an aunt!

 It's good to be alive.........!


 Official Bio

Mimi Rojo Laurilla is a writer, admin coach and speaker. She has worked in a number of industries over the span of 24 years of her professional life. She had a career as a lecturer/university professor both in public and private tertiary institution settings whilst taking on administration roles. Within the health sector, she had the opportunity to support executive/senior level management positions both as a Personal Assistant and as an Executive Assistant. In the not-for-profit sector, she served as volunteer Board Secretary and Executive Officer. She also worked for an international tri-partite project as a communications manager with the title National Communications Awareness Specialist.  She is currently Project Officer for an organisation specialising in disability support and aged care.


Mimi is also an experienced choral music conductor, musical director, singer and voice coach. She has a passion for teaching children basic singing and piano playing skills or teaching adults to sing through choral music. She has supported a number of choirs both in the Philippines and in New Zealand including setting up a premier choral group at her university. This choral group has now been widely acclaimed due to winning competitions all over the world.

Mimi is also a volunteer writer /contributor at a local community paper in Melbourne where she now resides with her husband, 3 kids and pet bunny Dipper.


Mimi and Jarvis

Kasagip Charitable Trust

KASAGIP Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organisation that helps Filipinos and other migrants hoping to settle in New Zealand who have challenges in their circumstancnes in NZ. I helped set this up in 2009 and served both as Board Secretary and Executive Director until 2013.

Charities I Support

Holy Family School

Holy Family School is a not-for-profit primary education provider/school in Barangay Harasan, Indang Cavite that supports children of rural families.